DigPro Mini Studio Kit
Create Infinite possibilities to your product pictures
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DigPro 360 Product Photography system

Create your 360 in 5 mins with Wi-Fi Automatic Control!

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After Sales


 Photography Technical Support Services


Clients that purchased DigPro Mini Studio and 360 product photography system can register at for DigPro global support service.

Within 3 business days following your registration, you will receive a confirmation email and a serial code. Clients then have 3-6 months free technical support and questions with this serial number.
Contact us anytime by email regarding any installation and photography questions. Our professional technical team can provide you solutions with any of your photography question. Creating an easy experience to create your high quality product pictures.
* To enable our global support service, please register within 30 days of your purchase.
* Only the original invoice copy issued by our official distributors is accepted.
■ Free Original Warranty
1. If you find any quality issue within 7 days upon receipt of your products, you may request for a new replacement by email.
   ※ includes light tube and light bulb, photo's will be requested of damages.
2.All products include free warranty from 12-36 months (subjects to individual product).
  ※ Includes components costs.
  ※ The warranty does not include light bulb/light tube after 7 days, cleaning and user damage issues.
* Warranty Certificates: Warranty will be voided if the original invoice copy issued by our official global distributors or product warranty sticker seals on our products are damaged.
- Ex-Pro Products Limited  reserves the rights and final decisions regarding any dispute to the above terms and conditions.